Where To Buy Phallosan In The UK

Where To Buy Phallosan In The UK

Europes Best Selling Penis Extender Now Improved
And Now Available Here To Buy In The UK


  • Increases Penis Length by up to 2”
  • Can Be Worn Overnight
  • Improve Girth By Up To 1”
  • Corrects Penile Curvature
  • Boost Blood  Flow – Improved Erections

The Original Phallosan was one of the best selling products of its kind throughout Europe.

The New Phallosan ‘Forte’ model is their new and improved model, and is set to be even more popular than its highly appreciated predecessor.

It differs from many of the more standard traction devices in that it uses vacuum to lengthen, straighten and thicken the users penis.

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How Does Phallosan Work

Its use is simple, yet highly effective; a process that has been clinically tested and proven to deliver consistant and permanent growth.

Phallosan Forte can be worn overnight, maximising gains at a time when the body is relaxed and regenerating – not all devices are suitable for wearing while you sleep..

2306641f07043544a8caea13781ef78cThe device is made up of three parts, a specially designed condom that it placed over the penis.

The air is then removed from the condom by using the phallosan pump.

As the air is removed from the condom, the penis is placed under the pulling power of a powerful, yet painless vacuum.

Once under pressure, the penis is secured in a comfort belt that helps make wearing the system comfortable for longer periods of time –

This is Essential for Maximum Gains In Length And Thickness.

While under pressure, the cells within the penis begin to divide and duplicate.

This gradually causes new skin cells, blood vessels and muscle to grow thus increasing the bulk and length of the penis.

It follows the same tried and tested method of traction as used by surgeons worldwide to lengthen and straighten damaged or stunted limbs.

Also we have all seen the photos of tribal members with stretched necks, lips and earlobes, these have all been done with gradual traction

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How Long Does Phallosan Take To Work

Initial results can be seen after around 2 weeks, where if used regularly, phallosan can bring on an increase of around ¾”.


To achieve maximum gains of between 2 and 3” will take a while and users should be prepared to wear the device as often as possible for between 4 and 6 months (4 hrs a day is recommended).

Are Results Permanent

Yes any gains in length and/or girth resulting from using Phallosan are permanent.

Where To Buy Phallosan In The UK

phallosan forte uk website


In parts of Europe, Phallosan is commonly available in high street pharmacies.

However here in the UK where Penis Enlargement is still considered somewhat taboo they are not available to buy in mainstream shops.

The Official UK Website is the only place to buy genuine Phallosan Forte® devices,

The manufacturers have a  warning on their site about poor quality and potentially harmful copycat products flooding sites such as amazon and ebay

Phallosan ship throughout the UK (and in fact worldwide) quickly and securely.

Buyers have the protection of a 14 day return and refund policy

The Phallosan Device Costs Just £259.00 including shipping

What Are You Waiting For? Get The Penis You Have Always Dreamed Of!!

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