Get Slimmer And Fitter With The Unthinkable By Musclefood

Get Slimmer And Fitter With The Unthinkable By Musclefood

How To Lose Weight, Boost Fitness And Eat Better Than You Have Ever Done Before

It’s not unusual for us all to pack on a few pounds over the colder winter months, but with a beach holiday to southern Spain just a few months away, I decided to checkout a new ‘all in one’ nutrition and fitness program by award wining nutritional food delivery service Musclefood.

Do The Unthinkable

Called The Unthinkable, it is a unique and specially developed food and exercise system that takes complete control of your diet and provides you with a dedicated, fully interactive, 24/7 exercise program that will (as long as you follow the plan) completely transform your body and fitness in just 12 weeks. 

Musclefood reckon that you could lose up to a years worth of excess weight in the 3 month period.

Signing up for the Unthinkable gives you your breakfast, lunch and dinner plus high protein snacks for 5, 6 or the full 7 days a week. The meals are carefully prepared, are high in protein and very low in fat. 

I chose the 6 days a week option, giving me one ‘cheat’ day over the weekend.

They are delivered in special cooler boxes to your home each week on your chosen day and are always Fresh, Never Frozen.

You have totally control of what you eat, simply choosing your meals from Musclefood’s diverse and extensive list of high protein, low fat ready meals, lean meats, fish, breads, pulses, nuts and even pizza’s.

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Upon signing up, you also receive access to the personal training plan, that is available both online 24/7 and also on the DVD which is supplied with your order.. You don’t need to sign up to any expensive gyms, simply have online access or a TV and space to move about.

The Food

The food is really tasty, far better than those so called ‘diet meals’ that I have  bought at my local supermarket, personally I loved the lasagne with roasted vegetables and the chicken tikka masala curry kit. – Oh not forgetting the spicy beef and jalapeño pizza too – Amazing!!

For breakfasts, I chose the various flavours of porridge (which i love) and occasionally some smoked salmon and egg just to vary things a bit.

I have never eaten so many ready meals either, usually preferring to prepare and cook my meals from scratch… I never realised how much time I could spend cutting and chopping each day, I reckon I saved 6 hours a week on this plan, giving me more time to enjoy life.

See What I Found In My First Box:


I am not that tall ( just over 5’7”) and I spend more time these days sitting at a desk than out and about, so it’s not that difficult to pile more than a few pounds on. 

I found the interactive and social media part of the plan really helpful too, you always have someone to chat to if you have a query or are struggling, the personal trainer Steve and his staff were always available to help, advise and encourage.


The workouts were great too… being quite busy, I have never really made sufficient time to get to the gym, but the commitment on the Unthinkable is less than 3 hours a week and whats more you can do it whenever it suits you. 

They are easy to follow with Steve and his team taking you through all the moves at a pace to suit you.

Musclefood take all the brain work out of the equation, you do not have plan what you are doing and when, thats all set out on the exercise schedule, circuits, Tabatha and plyometrics are all worked out for you. You also get plenty of rest days too.

My Results

My own results were that i lost 17 lbs and got a hell of a lot more toned, I felt fitter than I had for probably 25 years.

For me doing the unthinkable was one of the best things I have ever done, certainly in the past decade or so. I have learnt more about healthy nutrition, and the fact that you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight and boost your fitness.

The unthinkable 12 week plan costs between £60 and £80 per week – Cheap when you consider its all your meals, snacks and a professional and well run exercise program.

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