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Size Genetics Is The Worlds Best Selling Penis Extender – Read On To Find Out Just How It Works And What It Can Do For You

Size Genetics was the worlds very first penis extension device, developed in Denmark over 16 years ago, it was originally used to help support penises after SizeGeneticsreconstructive surgery.

Today it is the best selling device of its kind, since its launch it has set the benchmark for other models, many have tried, few remain – Size Genetics keeps on selling and helping thousands of men worldwide to achieve increases in penis length of between 2 and 3 “.

Size Genetics Official Website

How Does Size Genetics Work

The Size Genetics Device is a medically approved type one medical device, it uses the basic principle of applying gentle traction to the penis to trigger a  natural process known as cellular duplication. This is exactly the same process used by doctors worldwide to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs.

The device is worn over the penis, it places a pulling or stretching pressure along the length of the penis. This pressure gradually causes the internal cells to stretch, divide and eventually duplicate, this forms additional mass to the penis resulting in gains in both length and thickness (girth).

cta-daily-mail-206x300This Sounds Painful

Not at all, the process is 100% painless, the only pain that could be experienced by a user is when wearing inferior devices, these generally rely on simple silicone loops to secure the penis that quickly ‘dig in’ and cause discomfort.

The Size Genetics has been extensively designed and re-designed to provide complete comfort for the user. The manufacturers use a 58 way comfort system that provides users with (as the name suggested) 58 different comfort settings and options that will enable anybody to use the device for the maximum amount of time without discomfort.

The Key To Successful Enlargement Is The Time Spent Wearing The Device 

The amount of time that a user wears the device is crucial to the end results, the longer the better and this is why the Size Genetics beats most other devices hands down. Its comfort system allows users to wear the device for extended periods of time – achieving maximum results with no discomfort.

How Large Could I Get With Size Genetics

Results will vary from users to user, but if used as directed, users should expectSizegenetics-58-comfort-way-system to see an increase in growth of between 2 and 3″ along with a noticeable increase in girth.

My Penis Is Curved – Can Size Genetics Help

Absolutely, Penile curvature (aka Peyronies Disease) can be treated by using a good  traction device like Size Genetics, the traction helps to break down the plaque that causes the problem, helping to straighten even the most affected penis.

Guaranteed To Work

The Size Genetics device is sold with a 180 day cash back guarantee, this basically means that buyers can try the device for up to 6 months and then return the device for a full reruns should they fail to see any gains or improvements .

Where To Buy Size Genetics

The official website is the only place to buy Size Genetics, orders are accepted from buyers worldwide, shipping is fast and totally discreet.

Price wise, there are several packages to choose from, all contain the Size Genetics device and depending on what package you choose, a varying range of accessories and bonus items.

Sizegenetics4The entry level package is the Starter Pack and this costs just £127.97 ($ 195.00)

The Top of the range is the Ultimate System which provides everything any man will ever need to achieve maximum gains in length and thickness.

This costs £249.50  ($379.00)

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