Meratol Product Review

What Is Meratol

get ripped with meratolMeratol is the latest weight loss product released from Scottish based Advanced Health Ltd, already well respected worldwide for their famous chilli pepper fat burning product Capsiplex and its newer but already well received sibling carbohydrate blocker C-plex60.

Always striving to develop the best diet pill, Advanced Health have now bought out their latest and rather unique complete weight loss complex called Meratol.

How Does Meratol Differ To Other Weight Loss Products

The majority of diet pills and potions only tackle one of the four reasons that can cause weight gain, Meratol, using its unique mix of natural ingredients tackles all four ;

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  • Cravings and the desire to snack between meals
  • Taking on high levels of carbohydrates

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  • Slow or sluggish metabolism
  • The amount of food eaten per meal

Meratol is Currently the only tried and tested approved diet pill that will:

  • reduce your appetite, stopping the need to eat between meals
  • lower carbohydrate intake by up to 82%
  • Help you Burn up to 12 times more calories
  • Raise your metabolism, burn more fat and gain more energy

Why Is Meratol So Effective

Meratol’s succcess at atacking these issues is without doubt attributed to the unique blend of natural ingredients formulated by Advanced Health. They combined the carbohydrate blocking properties of Brown seaweed extract, along with the metabolism raising benefits of prickly pear extract, incorporating Cactus Extract to regulate sugar levels to stop food cravings, along with the powerful and proven fat burning properties of Capsicum (Chilli Pepper) extract


Stringently regulated trials quickly proved that users can expect to lose between 3 and 5 lbs per week by taking Meratol, the product has been proven totally safe to use with no side effects reported.

Without doubt,Meratol is one of the most effective diet pills available.

Where Can I Buy Meratol

Meratol is currently only available to buy from the official website, it is planned to release Meratol to certain high street outlets during this year with Boots and Superdrug among those expected to retail the product

Meratol starts at a sensibly priced £29.99 for a months supply with prompt and discreet worldwide shipping. The makers do offer discounts for larger orders.

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