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How I Increased My Sex Drive By Increasing Testosterone Levels

My name is Paul and I am the editor of Healthy Male, I wanted to write and tell you about a product that I have been trying for myself for the Unknownpast two months

At 58 I have noticed my muscles are not now as taught and defined as they were a few years back;

I have always been sporty and always enjoyed having a decent body, even as I started to get that little bit older, but in the past year or so they have started to lack firmness and dare I say it, a bit of strength.

The other thing that I have noticed is that I haven’t nowadays got the sex drive that I used to have, and to be honest, I don’t know what upset me more… the reduced libido or my muscles being not so strong and defined.

During the course of my work evaluating products that cover all aspects of health and fitness, I came across Testosterone Boosters.

These are supplements primarily aimed at the body building market.

They are a natural alternative to banned steroids and other drugs that actually encourage the body to produce more natural Testosterone. 

Helping to increase strength, boost muscle size and as a rather fortunate side effect, give the sex drive a powerful boost.

Testosterone is that most male of hormones and especially in our youth is responsible for the development of our sexual organs, and in fact everything male!!

What I discovered that as we start to get a bit older (maybe 35 onwards) our natural production of testosterone reduces slowly but steadily, and this explains the gradual reduction of sex drive and muscle mass, not just in myself but in most men.

My research brought me across a product called Testo Fuel, and after reading countless reviews, I decided to find out more and went to the official website –

Testo Fuel

Testo fuel was originally developed to help eager gym goers develop increased strength and to boost muscle mass.

It is suitable for all, and I discovered that it is not just for the hardened body builder, it can help anybody who wants to firm up what they have and along the way it can help improve a flagging sex drive.

Testo Fuel Ingredients

Testo Fuel is made from 100% natural ingredients that all work together to provide the best conditions for natural testosterone production.

It includes a powerful dose of D-Aspartic Acid (2500mg), Zinc, Vitamin D (5000iu) Magnesium, and Oyster Extract.TestoFuel-Facts

I was particularly interested in the Oyster extract.

It’s well documented to contain more Zinc than the best fillet steak and this, along with Magnesium and D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) are some of the most powerful muscle builders available.

They also have terrific libido enhancing properties –

We have all heard of the fact that Oysters are a powerful Aphrodisiac but I for one don’t actually like eating them!!

I discovered that Zinc as well helps to increase semen health and volume and also strengthens ejaculations.

I Ordered Testo Fuel

I was quite impressed, and decided to buy, but I couldn’t find Testo Fuel in the shops.

I contacted the makers (they are based here in the UK) and they told told me that by selling direct they can control quality and costs and offer all buyers a 90 day cash back guarantee. – (You won’t get that in Boots or Superdrug)

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They would not be able to monitor sales or offer guarantees if Testo Fuel was available in the high street.

Testo Fuel starts at £39 for a months supply.

I opted for their 3 month package as I really wanted to give this a proper try, this actually is a great deal, if you buy 3 month, you get a fourth month free and 2 very informative E books, this cost me £119.00 – quite a saving!! (about £31)

You take 4 tablets a day, spaced evenly throughout the day, I didn’t expect much to happen at first and to be honest for the first week it didn’t…

By the time I got into week 2, I started to feel more awake, and to be honest I felt so goddam randy – something I hadn’t felt for a while….

I am not a real fan of going to the gym, but there is an on site gym here where I live and I do go a couple of times a week just to try and keep fit.

My feedback

I can honestly say that I do feel fitter and more alive than I have for a few years,

I use a bit of weights and machines when I go to the gym and I know now that I am pulling and pushing more weight now that I was a month ago, my muscles look more defined again and I feel less tired.

(My sex life is far better as well, but my wife will be horrified that I shared that fact with you all!!)

All I can say is that Testo fuel has made a difference to me, If I can experience results like this at my age, then it will work for anybody.

You can buy Testo Fuel Directly from the makers at