My Personal Mind Lab Pro Review

 My Personal Mind Lab Pro Review

Regular readers of this website will know that I like to personally try many of the supplements that I review… its the only real way of knowing what a product does and if its in fact any good..2015-10-07 11.25.44Recently I have been reading a lot about nootropics… natural brain boosting supplements that are supposed to help improve your brain functions, boosting memory, learning, concentration and your ability to problem solve..

Its an interesting subject, and its one area that has actually been studied in great depth by scientists across the world….

There are many nootropics out there, and to be honest, if you don’t have any real knowledge of these supplements, its all too easy to fall foul of the marketing hype that so many of these products manufacturers rely on to sell their products..

Mind Lab Pro

One Product that I kept coming across is Mind Lab Pro.… made by UK based Opti Nutra, its a ( I have to admit) a very cleverly and well thought out product that is packed to the rafters with scientifically proven nootropic ingredients…

I am in my mid 50’s now and its a proven scientific fact that after the age of 40 or so, our natural brain function will often start to slowly deplete with age.. it can gradually become harder for us to learn or remember things, solving problems can take longer, we can lack focus and concentration, and we all know about brain fog – you know those times when you just cannot think…. its all hazy and you cannot do anything about it…..

Well You Can Now…

Intrigued by what I have learned about nootropics in general, and after reading reviews on Mind Lab Pro, i took the plunge and ordered two bottles (60 days supply), I got it direct from

It took couple of days to arrive and on the 1st of August this year I started taking the recommended dose of 2 capsules a day..

The Formula In Mind Lab Pro

My research into nootropics has taught me quite a bit about the supplements in general, and in particular the various ingredients commonly found in them… there are of course many ingredients out there, but science has determined a smallish number of them that really do provide benefits to your brain function…. It has to be said that Mind Lab Pro contains 11 of the most researched and proven nootropic ingredients available today…. 

Each Dose Contains:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Citicoline Cognizin®
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine (NALT)
  • Hercium Eranceus (Lions Mane Mushroom)
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Marine Pine Bark Extract

Each and every one of these ingredients has solid, concrete evidence behind it to confirm their brain boosting ability..

Taking Mind Lab Pro

As I mentioned above, the daily dose is just 2 capsules a day, I was pleased to learn that the capsules themselves are made from 100% plant based materials, with no soy, animal or polymer products so often found in most capsules.. this makes them totally safe and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anybody with an intolerance to soy based products..

My Personal Feedback

2015-10-07 11.27.33

I am writing this report on the 15th September – six weeks after I starting taking Mind Lab Pro..

I didn’t notice too much for a couple of days… (mind you i didn’t know what to expect) but it was around day 3 or 4 that I (its hard to explain) kind of felt sort of more ‘awake’… I could definitely concentrate more on my work ( i got a lot more done thats for sure) and as a keen gym goer, I even found that I didn’t seem too get as mentally tired when working out.. I am sure that i managed to put more effort into my workouts ( and I can see the results, thats for sure).

Now 6 weeks in, I know that I can think faster now, and I don’t seem to struggle so much if I have a problem to deal with or think about… it just comes easier to me….. I cannot sit here and say that Mind Lab Pro has done all this for sure, but i cannot honestly think of anything other reason…I have changed nothing else in my life, I sleep well, try and eat well ( most of the time) and i don’t drink that much…

“For Me, I Truly Believe That It Has Definitely Made a Difference”

Buying Mind lab Pro

You can only get Mind Lab Pro from the official website.. you can get a months supply for just £40.00 plus shipping with a couple of larger packages available:

I bought the two box supply, it cost £80 and I also got free shipping.. there is a larger package that I will probably go for next time… if you buy 3 boxes, you get a 4th box free and you also get FREE worldwide shipping too.. this will cost £120.00

Guaranteed To Work

2015-10-07 11.26.58Unlike many nootropic supplements out there, Mind Lab Pro also comes with a 30 day cash back guarantee… this assures you of a full refund if after taking as directed you fail to see any improvements or benefits..

My Final Thoughts

I can be quite sceptical about many things, but after doing all my research and trying Mind Lab Pro for a month now, I have to tell you that this product really works…. I feel mentally sharper, i can retain facts and figures easier, my concentration at work and play is far better and I can certainly cope with all the hassle that my working life throws at me…

I truly think that this is the best nootropic out there… you really have to try it!!

You Can Click Here To Get Your Supply Direct From