Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Traction Device

Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Traction Device

The Worlds First Penis Extender

The Jes Extender was the first ever purpose built penis extending deviceJes-Extender-Silver-pack made, it was developed over 15 years ago by a former medical scientist called Jes Beck Muller who is now the CEO of DanaMedic Aps, a Danish company specializing in medical apparatus.

Originally designed to support the penis after surgery, its use as an enlargement device in its own right soon become apparent, using gentle and permanent stretching pressure, the device can provide gains of up to 2” in length and a marked increase in girth.

The Jes Extender is the original device in a market that even in these modern days is still somewhat taboo; it offers a quality that can better most comparable products.

In 2011 the company reached the milestone of 250,000 units being sold, which considering the difficulties faced when marketing a product of this nature is nothing short of staggering. This is especially amazing when considering it is currently only available to buy on line due to its embarrassment factor.

Guaranteed To Work Or DOUBLE Your Money Back!!

The Jes Extender is clinically proven to work; it excels international safety regulations, and is backed by a totally unique Double Money Back Guarantee.

Simply Put, DanaMedic say that if you buy and try Jes Extender for the recommended period of time, if you fail to make any gains in length and/or girth, they will refund you with TWICE your purchase price.

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Curvature Of The Penis

The Jes Extender is not just aimed at Penis enlargement, it is also proven to help correct penile curvature (Peyronies disease) This is a problem that effects around 1% of all men worldwide, taking various forms and degrees of severity, an infected penis has hardened plaques along one side of the penis, causing in severe cases, a pronounced curve when erect, this can make sexual intercourse at best difficult, and in certain cases, painful and impossible..

More About Peyronies Disease

The Jes Extender works by exacting a gentle yet consistent pulling pressure on the penis, this causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply producing more tissue and blood vessels.

The same method is used by many native tribes across the world; we have all seen the men and women with stretched necks, or enlarged ear lobes and lips, the Jes Extender works in the same way.


Does Jes Extender Work

The Manufacturer offers a great deal of evidence to this fact, also they were the first to launch an open forum where customers and prospective buyers can discuss, share experiences (good and bad) of using the product in complete anonymity, currently there are over 13000 members.

All this helps to reinforce the manufacturers claims that the product is one of, if not the best in its field.

Where Can I Buy Jes Extender

Jes Extender can be purchased directly from the official website, or by telephone to DanaMedic.

The product is priced in Euros on the official website;

Prices start at EUR € 179.00 (which equates back to GBP £143.00 or USD $ 262.00). Their top of the range model is the titanium model priced at €319.00 (£256.00 or $399.00)

Our Vote For Best Buy Would Be The Original Extender at €299.00 (£239.95 or $375.00)

Orders are shipped worldwide, quickly and discreetly.

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