Is Robbie Going Through The Andropause

Is Robbie Going Through The Andropause

Britain’s favourite pop star Robbie Williams is (according to media reports) undergoing hormone injection therapy after visits to his doctor in LA.

The Take That singer decided to consult doctors after feeling very lethargic and noticing a diminished sexual desire.

He had originally considered HGH therapy, following the lead of many Americans who use this therapy to regain their youthful appearance and vitality.

The tests carried out by his doctors revealed extremely low levels of certain hormones, mainly testosterone; in fact the levels were so low that they have been likened to those of a 100 year old man.

Reduced Hormones Could Be Caused By Andropause

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Reduced levels of testosterone are one of the signs of the Andropause, A.K.A the male menopause, this condition can effect men as they start to to get that little bit older, Robbie, at 37 is around the age when this condition can start to show in some men.

With reduced levels of these hormones, men can feel jaded, lethargic and can often suffer with a reduced or total lack of sex drive

Robbie’s doctors have put him on twice weekly injections of testosterone at a cost of £150 (USD $246) per injection

Robbie has declared that he feels great after starting this therapy; however the news has been met with concern by many doctors.

Testosterone injections have been linked with some quite nasty side effects, some even potentially fatal, these include:

  • Liver and Prostate Tumours
  • Chest Pain
  • Strokes and Heart Attacks
  • Hair loss
  • Increased Cholesterol levels
  • Development of man boobs (Gynecomastia)
  • Reduced Memory and Mood Swings

With these in mind many doctors do not recommend these sort of injections except in extreme cases and under very close medical supervision.

Could I Be Suffering From Andropause

If you can answer yes to three or more of the symptoms below, you could be suffering from Andropause

  • Are you experiencing fatigue or loss of energy?
  • Do you have difficulty getting or keeping an erection during sex?
  • Do you get the urge to have sex less frequently?
  • Do you feel consistently nervous or anxious?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating?
  • Are you frequently irritated, angry, or in a bad mood?
  • Have you been gaining weight, particularly around your abdomen?
  • Do you forget things more than you used to?
  • Do you seem to be losing strength and muscle tone?
  • Are you having difficulty sleeping?
  • Has your performance at work decreased?
  • Have you been experiencing joint or muscle pain or aches?
  • Are you having relationship trouble with your spouse?

If you have answered three or more of the above, you could well be showing signs of the male menopause

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