Improved Recovery After Exercise

Additional Muscle Gains With Creatine

One of the main problems facing men who go to the gym are the recovery times after intensive exercise, the muscle stiffness, leading to extended recovery periods that do little to generate the increase in muscle mass that the majority of men crave.

The key to efficient workouts and muscle gain is to improve recovery times, meaning that you can repeat workouts more often.

Creatine is a professional bodybuilding secret, used by bodybuilders to turbocharge their muscle gains and boost recovery times following intense workouts, with a wealth of products out there, the main problems are- which one to choose? What one(s) work, What products offer good value for money?

High Street supplier Holland and Barrat sell a whole range of body building supplements, one of the most popular products is Creatine X4

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Creatine X4 provides a revolutionary form of creatine which does not rely on insulin for its uptake. Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL is a fat soluble form of creatine which penetrates muscle cells at a rapid rate.

This allows muscle ATP to regenerate much faster, thereby allowing for lightning quick muscle recovery during workouts. Muscle cells can function at maximum efficiency throughout the workout.

Creatine X4 is the new generation creatine that could be the supplement you were waiting for to take your physical performance to the next level.

Creatine X4 is sold online from Holland and Barratt for the cost of £36.89

Boost Your Muscles With Creatine X4

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