How Can I Improve My Erections

Make My Erections Last Longer

Many men face the ultimate problem in the bedroom, that is just how can they make their erections last longer.

Erection problems come in many guises and can affect all men regardless of age. Most men can get erections quite quickly, but many are unable to maintain it to the point of intercourse, medical or physical reasons aside (and these can be quite common such as blood pressure problems, stress and anxiety) the inability to sustain a satisfactory erection can have far reaching effects, both for the man who feels inadequacy and possible shame, and for the partner who is left unfulfilled and frustrated

Many factors are responsible for causing the loss of erection strength and longevity, mental problems such as the aforementioned stress can be a major factor, diet can also play a big part, lack of exercise another. One of the biggest reasons for poor erection quality is insufficient blood-flow to the penis.

All the penis needs to get erect is sufficient bloodflow; when aroused the penis’ 3 main chambers (called corpora cavernosa) fill with blood, providing the man with his much needed erection. In cases where blood flow is low, or limited, the erection is weak and will not last long enough to enable the man to have intercourse.

Weak erections can be helped by the taking of an oral supplement, the most well known of these is Viagra, available by prescription only, this drug is widely used to combat erection problems, it does however come with some rather unpleasant side effects, these can include dizziness, tinnitus, restlessness, and in some cases even chest pains.

It is for these reasons that Viagra is only available to be used after a full consultation and under the guidance of a doctor. Buying what is sold as Viagra without prescription on line is highly risky and should be avoided.

“Remember Viagra is a potentially dangerous prescription drug and should be treated as one.”

Safe Alternatives To Viagra

There are more natural and side effect free alternatives to Viagra that do not need any doctor’s prescription and because they can be purchased discreetly on line, saves the embarrassment of that trip to your doctor and then the pharmacy.

One such product is Male Extra, it is made from several of the most potent and proven male enhancing ingredients that boost blood flow and will improve sexual performance and desire. Free from side effects and proven to be totally safe, Male Extra really is one to condsider.

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