Does Penomet Work

Does Penomet Work

Penomet Penis Pump Reviewed [Updated 2020]

The Penomet Is Considered To Be The Best Device Available For Instantly Curing Erectile Dysfunction – But Does It Really Work?

By Guest Author James Bryan

It takes a brave man to openly admit that he suffers from erection problems, especially to the online masses, but I have to admit – In the past- I have had Penomet-Ultimate-Kitproblems.

Being a 33 year old married man, who has in the past, had a good sex life, I found it really hard to admit that I couldn’t always perform in the bedroom, I was in reasonably good health, not suffering from diabetes or any of the other medical conditions that are well known to cause erection problems..

I wasn’t particularly stressed, or anxious (except when the thought of sex came up) so really didn’t know what I could do to try and sort the problem.

I thought about trying Viagra, but couldn’t really face going to see the doctor with this problem, I know that you can get natural erection supplements without prescription, but to be honest I don’t really like taking pills.

I read about Penis Vacuum pumps and discovered that they are generally effective at generating strong erections, even if you have problems (like me).

There are quite a few out there, I was concerned however to find out that some pumps can actually cause harm to the penis – especially if over pressurised.

I also discovered that certain penis pumps use water along with a vacuum (hydropumps), and that these are generally far safer (and effective) to use.

Penomet Device

After further research, I came across a device called Penomet, originating from the USA, it has ISO accreditation along with doctors approvals that all pertain to its effectiveness.

What Is Penomet

penomet-penomate-st4The Penomet is an elongated balloon shaped device that is designed to be used in the bath or shower. It is easy to use – Just fill with water, and then place over the penis, ensuring that the rubber gaiter makes contact with the groin to form a seal. The device is pumped a couple of times to expel some of the water and any air to form a vacuum inside. The water inside helps to support the penis during the process.

How It Works

The vacuum in the device places the penis under pressure, at first i was worried what this might be painful, but i can confirm its not!!, the vacuum pressure helps to draw blood into the penis, as this blood rushes into the penis, a powerful erection literally appears before your eyes. I have to say, that this device brought on an erection larger than i have ever seen or felt before.

Penomet say that the erections generated by their device are visually longer, stronger and usually last longer (which was a blessing for me), the device is easy to de-pressurise and remove when the desired result is gained. The increased erection will disperse in time, and the increase in size will initially revert back to usual.

I wasn’t actually worried about actual penis size, but the manufacturers, tell uspenis-pump-23 (and it can be substantiated) that with daily use of around 20 minutes that permanent increases in size are possible. – reports are that gains in length approaching 2-3″ are attainable, along with a boost in thickness (girth) of around 30%

Buying Penomet

I bought my Penomet device online from, there are three options starting at US $127 ( £79) I went for the middle package – the Extra model that came with some interchangable gaiters (which generate different vacuum pressures) 2 year warranty and a massive 60 day cash back guarantee. This cost me US $197.00 ( I Paid £123.00 plus about £9.30 on international shipping)

My Thoughts On Penomet

Quite frankly – the best thing i have bought for over 10 years – This device has given me a profound boost to my sexual appetite as well as my performance – in a nutshell Since I started using it, my erection problems have not appeared – not once... My wife loves it too…

I can’t promise that everybody will enjoy the same results that I have, but I can say this – Give Penomet a try, It Really Works

This link below will take you the official Penomet Website – Check it Out!!

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