Dentaworks Review

Teeth Whitening For Men

This review was originally about Dentaworks Teeth whitening kits, earlier this year the EU adopted new regulations that effectively banned kits with high strength gels.

Regretfully Dentaworks fall under this ruling and now the kits are not legal to buy online.

What Do I Do Now??

Those looking for Dentaworks should now consider an alternative kit – one that is approved and falls inside the new regulations.

The kit that we recommend is the one supplied by Smile4you, their kit – called Dr.-George’s-Dental-WhiteDr Georges Dental White provides buyers with everything they need to whiten their teeth by up to 11 shades in just 14 days.

Using a government approved whitening gel that causes no side effects such as unpleasant sensitivity ( a problem commonly experienced with kits using stronger gels) the Smile4you kit is both made and supplied by a dental surgeon.

With kit prices starting at £26.99, Dental White ticks pretty much all the boxes.

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