Chilli Pepper Diet Pill

Chilli Pepper Diet Pill

Eat Red Pepper And Lose Weight

Red pepper and chilli is widely used to give that extra bit of flavour and colour to your favourite dishes, but what is not so commonly known is that it is also highly efficient at helping you lose weight..

More About Red Peppers

Red pepper (Capsicum and sometimes known as Cayenne) actually has an enormous fat burning potential. It is more commonly used as an effective aid for circulation and good digestion. It naturally encourages gastric enzymes which is the key to an effective metabolism. Pepper contains a good level of Vitamins C And A, helping to prevent colds and reduce toxins within the body.

The component in Red peppers that provides the heat in peppers is called Capsaicin. It possesses great cardiovascular benefits, along with an ability to reduce pain by helping to deplete nerve endings. This means less sensitivity and it effectively opens and drains congested nasal passages, which is the reason why a good curry can be so effective in reducing the effects of a cold

When considering weight loss, the heat in the peppers gives your metabolism a boost by creating more heat within the body. As hot foods are eaten, the body temperature increases in a process known as “diet induced thermogenesis.” As the internal body heat increases, the metabolism will increase along with it effectively burning more calories off.

Clinical Studies Into Peppers And Weight Loss

Studies have proven just how significant an effect red pepper can have on the metabolic rate. During clinical experiments 10gm of red pepper was added to high fat and high carbohydrate meals. The heat of the pepper boosted thermogenesis which in turn helped to burn, (or oxidise) the fat contained in the meal. Furthermore, other studies determined that if 6 to 10 gm of red pepper was added to meals it actually suppressed hunger; this was indeed tested on a mixed group of men and women with great effect.

This kind of pepper works alongside other fat burning supplements and is a proven weight loss supplement.

One such supplement based around the effects of RedPeppers is called Capsiplex Sport, the manufacturers (backed by clinical trials) have demonstrated that even without taking exercise taking this product can help to burn an additional 278 calories per day, this equates to 25lbs weight loss over a year.

Obviously with an exercise regime working alongside the supplement the weight gain could be far greater .

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