Causes Of Man Boobs

Causes Of Man Boobs

 Did You Know That Man Boobs Are Not A Symptom Of Being Fat And Also That Dieting Can Actually Make Them Worse?

Man boobs are an ever increasing problem, it is thought that around 40% of all men suffer from them to varying degrees… and this figure is apparently growing.simon-cowell-boob-job-newsmediaimages

A few of our favourite celebrities suffer from man boobs (proper name Gynaecomastia), Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell and Rock legend Steve Tyler have all been recently seen out and about with their male breasts on display. TV Chat show host Jonathon Ross has also seen his man breasts featured in various newspapers.

Thoughts Of A Breast Surgery Specialist

A Breast surgery specialist at Londons Princess Grace Hospital – A Professor Kefah Mokbel told us that some men are generally predisposed to man boobs, just in the same way that some women have larger breasts than others.

The cause could be excess levels of the female hormone Oestrogen, all men produce this hormone as it actually helps to protect the bones amongst other functions.


Professor Mokbel also stressed that lifestyle can also cause Gynaecomastia, the general increase in obesity and alcohol consumption is a factor.. Excess fat around the abdomen brings on extra production of Oestrogen because of the enzyme aromotse, high sugar levels in alcohol also cause weight gain – aggravating the problem.

Gynaecomastia has also been linked to some medications, in particular drugs used for heart disease that includes Digoxin and Spironactone. The latter reduces the affect of testosterone in the body and the former resembles oestrogen in its makeup.


Common in boys as they progress through their teenage years, man boobs are caused by the fluctuating hormone levels that boys produce as their bodies develop, but during these years, sufferers can be the subject of teasing and mockery, something that can be carried onto later life with them if not nipped in the bud.

It can bring on stress and insecurity, but the condition however mild or serious can be treated..

How Can I Identify Gynaecomstia

Gynecomastia-diagnosis-and-treatmentProfessor Mokbel tells us that a simple blood test to check hormone levels and a physical examination is all that is required to identify the presence of man boobs.

Cures For Gynaecomastia

Losing weight may help to a certain extent, but if the cause is excess breast tissue, (as in most cases) it can be harder to shift.

Surgery can be effective, in particular procedures like liposuction can be used to remove fatty tissue, alternatively; excess breast tissue can be removed surgically.

Classed as cosmetic surgery, the treatment is only available on the NHS if the condition is deemed as significant and one that affects the sufferer’s life. Most sufferers will have to pay out for private surgical treatment, and this can run into many thousands of pounds.

The procedure itself takes about 2 hours and is usually straightforward, scarring is minimal, and recovery can take a couple of weeks but sufferers can suffer from pain and there is always the risk of infection from the wounds.

Non Surgical Treatments For Man Boobs

With the problem being hormonal, the excess oestrogen can often be treated by use of natural supplementation, a good product will help to redress the imbalance of the oestrogen and testosterone levels, as these regulate, any excess breast tissue will gradually be reduced, tightening the chest area and reducing the appearance of the man boobs.

Treatment by supplement is not as instant as surgical methods, and will take around 2-4 weeks before users really notice much improvement, initially the chest will firm and then the excess adipose tissue will gradually reduce along with the appearance of the man boobs.gynexin-bottle

Best Non Surgical Cure For Gynaecomastia UK

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