Can You Boost Your Immune System With CBD?

Can You Boost Your Immune System With CBD?

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The sudden and wide spread of the coronavirus and the health concerns that now affect us globally have made most, if not all of us think of our health, in particular our immunity. 

It’s something that the majority of us take for granted, yet thousands of people have for a wide variety of reasons a weakened immune system that can put them at greater risk of illness and disease.

There are large number of products that claim to boost and maintain our immune systems, helping us to remain fit and healthy. One of the more newer products to supposedly help improve our immune system is CBD oil.

It’s still a relatively new product, but there are a small number of reliable clinical studies that do indicate that CBD and other cannabinoids can have a positive influence on our immune system and our overall health. 

About Our Immune System

As we go about our daily business, we are exposed from every angle to an almost endless stream of toxins, infections, bacteria, diseases and viruses. Any of these would be very harmful to us, if we didn’t have our built in natural immune system that helps keep all of these at bay.

Our immune system is a natural network of tissues, cells and organs that work to repel and destroy these foreign cells, particles and bacteria that can make us unwell.

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The main player in this process is our white blood cells.

Our white blood cells can be separated into two groups – B and T-cells (lymphocytes) who seek out and destroy foreign cells (antigens). These also help your body to remember the foreign cells, allowing it to respond quickly to kill them off if and when they invade our body again.

The other group are phagocytes, these help to neutralise and absorb the invading toxins and cells, preventing  them for increasing in number and causing our body more harm.

Our immune system is also known to monitor our cellular health and removing those that have either died or have stopped working properly. If our immune system finds a faulty cell, it begins a process called apoptosis , the process of killing a cell off, so it cannot cause any health issues including tumors.

Your Immune System and The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is only a recent discovery, and its actions as it works inside our body is still being fully understood. 

What we do know however is that ECS produces and maintains a process called homeostasis ( AKA balance) between the various systems in the body. 

We actually produce endocannabinoids as required to help regulate our cell function including those in our immune system.

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How Can CBD Benefit Your Immune System?

Studies have indicated that CBD can have a powerful influence on your immune system, in particular these studies have shown that it has powerful anti inflammatory properties. It also works as a immunosuppressant and as an immunomodulator.

These studies reveal CBD immunosuppressant effects in scientific language, here is a breakdown of their findings in layman’s terms:

  • CBD has effective anti-inflammatory properties which can lower the immune systems inflammatory response – this is a crucial effect that isolates and prevent the spreading of toxins.
  • CBD helps promote cellular death (apoptosis)
  • CBG can guard against rapid cellular growth (proliferation)
  • CBD can reduce or suppress the effects of cytokines, these are large groups of proteins that are released by certain cells found in our immune system. Their main function is to control the molecules that regulate our white blood cell production along with our immunity and inflammation.
  • CBD Is thought to reduce the production of a substance called Chemokine, a group of cytokines that act as chemoattractants. These are responsible for leading immune cells to infected areas so that the white blood cells can attack and kill the toxins or infection.
  • CBD Can reduce the effects of the T-Cells which reduce our bodies ability to remember and destroy attacking invading toxins.

This list looks pretty impressive, but if you are a healthy person, it doesn’t look like it could benefit you and your immune system – if anything at first glance it looks like it could make things worse.

You do not want to reduce your inflammatory response, as this could increase the flow of toxins through your body, and you certainly do not want to be promoting cellular death in case it harms normal, healthy cellular growth.

Adding to this you do not want to take anything that will suppress the proteins that lead white blood cells to tackle the intruding toxins.

Adding to this, we definitely do not want to take anything that hinders our T-Cell function, reducing our bodies natural ability to destroy antigens and remember attacking cells so it ca resound immediately should they attack again.

“With These facts In Mind – Is Taking CBD Really Good For Your Immunity?”

These facts above tell us that CBD is probably not a good immune supplement to consider if you are a heathy person. 

Where CBD becomes essential is in those people who have reduced immunity and/or autoimmune disease. In these cases it can actually be a great choice for treatment or therapy.

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Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is present when your natural immune system does not work properly, in these cases the immune system does not attack foreign cells and toxins, instead it can attack and destroy healthy cells, tissues and organs.

This action can weaken the body, it’s natural functions and can if left unchecked potentially become life threatening.

There are currently over 80 autoimmune diseases, these include conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Lupus
  • HIV/Aids
  • Huntingdon’s Disease
  • Crohns
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Using CBD To help With Autoimmune Disease

“for anybody with an autoimmune condition it could be a great thing to take.”

Studies have demonstrated that CBD is an effective immunosuppressant and immunomodulator, now while this is not great for a healthy person, for anybody with an autoimmune condition it could be a great thing to take.

With many autoimmune disease being caused by inflammation, the powerful anti inflammatory properties in CBD can actually reduce the effects caused by hyper active immune systems that end up attacking healthy cells and damaging their health and well being.

While we most certainly do need to carry out more studies on the effects of CBD and its effects on the Immune system, but it certainly looks very promising.

CBD appears to offer some great benefits for those suffering with autoimmune disease, and as such certainly appears (in these cases) to offer a worthwhile and effective, natural treatment for the condition.