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Dr Georges Dental White Review

If You Are Fed Up With Buying Teeth Whitening Products That Don’t Work, Read On To Discover Just Why Dental White Is The Best Selling Kit In The World

Its not just women who want whiter teeth, numerous men across the UK are unhappy with their smile, their teeth could be yellow naturally, or maybe too Close-up-of-a-man-smiling-001many cigs and coffees have caused severe staining. Whatever the reason, having a dull or yellow smile is not that appealing and can have a major impact on the mans confidence and self assurance, both in business and in relationships.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has been around for years, many professional dentists offer the service and the results are largely effective. The main problem with having the work done in the dentists chair is the cost, with procedures often costing around £300, and the fact that the treatment needs repeating several times a year does put a lot of men (and women) off.

Home Teeth Whitening

Dr.-George’s-Dental-WhiteIn the USA, home teeth whitening kits came to the attention of the masses some 16 years ago when a respected dental surgeon – A Dr George Madray, developed and released his special home teeth whitening kit. Dental White as it was called, used a professional dental grade whitening gel called Carbamide Peroxide to effectively white users teeth in the privacy of their own home, set at a sensible, side effect free strength of 16%, which is the strongest concentration declared safe and side effect free by the FDA.

The whitening kits have been sold in their millions across the USA. The kits have been featured on mainstream TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey and are now the choice of countless professional dentists across America.

16 Years on, these kits are now available in the UK, distributed by UK based Teeth whitening experts Smile4You, the Dental white kits have changed very little.

Dental White Official Website

With each Smile4You kit you will receive:

  • Sufficient Whitening gel for over 200 treatments
  • A set of ‘warm and form’ customisable teeth trays
  • Application syringe Plus Easy To Follow Instructions
  • Teeth Whitened By 11 Shades In Just 14 Days
  • Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back

Full instructions

Smile4You sell the Dental White Home Teeth Whitening Kits online, their kits start at £26.99, this is a fraction of the cost of having the work done in the dental surgery

Each kit has been fully approved by the FDA for its quality and safety – No other teeth whitening kit in the world has this full approval and they display the official certificate on the official website for all to see.

Smile4You Dental White will give no adverse side effects unlike some other kits that use wildly excessive gel strengths. These can cause pain and 14discomfort to the teeth and gums.

Smile4you also sell a wide range of accessories to enhance your teeth whitening experience.

These include

  • Blue Laser Light – Speeds the whitening process
  • AfterCare Gels – Strengthens and protects the enamel
  • Whitening Pen – convenient way to boost whitening when on the move

Want To Get Whiter Teeth?

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