Military Muscle Review UK

Military Muscle Review – Is it The Best For All Round Results?

military muscle reviews uk

Ask most men and their general belief is that testosterone boosters are for the few, the hard working, gym going guys who want to build huge muscles and immense strength.

Nothing could be further from the truth – Their use and appeal is far more broader.

Bodybuilding is probably more popular than its ever been, but there is now far more knowledge about the effects of testosterone on the older man – when I say that I mean those aged 35 and over. With experts telling us that our natural testosterone production gradually reduces by around 1-2% our year, its really common for men as we get older to start to experience things such as:

Lower sex drive, reduced muscle tone, lack of energy and strength, increases in belly fat, irritability and disturbed sleeping patterns.

This knowledge has seen a massive surge in specialist testosterone boosting supplements for the older man. 

No one wants to get old, and the desire of being able to improve our vitality, regaining some of our youthful zest and energy is really in demand.

Out of tens of thousands of T-boosting products out there, only a few manufacturers have really looked into this and developed specialist t-boosters for the older man.

Most are pretty basic formulas with no real thought to what a man with reduced testosterone really needs.

Military Muscle belief that they have done just that.

Their product offers all men some great benefits, with a cleverly thought out and developed formula that is just as effective when taken by a young, keen gym goer, as it is a man who is older and looking to regain some of his youthful vigour.

Their official website is

About Military Muscle

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The clue is in its name, originally developed for use by a serving soldier, his military colleagues and some professional sportsmen who need to get the best from their performance, you know the types of people who want to not only boost their fitness, but their overall character, mental strength and determination.

It’s one thing making certain claims about a product, but its what is inside each capsule thats the real key to its effectiveness.

It’s manufactured in an FDA and BRC approved facility, it uses a high quality, 100% natural formula made up of 11 clinically proven ingredients that have solid scientific evidence behind their effectiveness.

Who Can Take Military Muscle

It’s not just for military and professional sportsmen of keen bodybuilders, ANY man of any age can benefit from taking it.

Military Muscle is a premium product that has been developed to improve more than your testosterone production, it will help boost many aspects of your physical and mental health.

Available globally, and shipped to virtually any address in the world for FREE ( there are a few exceptions like Japan and I understand Brazil).

Its little wonder that Military Muscle is fast becoming the best selling product of its kind in the world.

The Ingredients In Military Muscle

The formula is really cleverly put together mix of key testosterone boosting ingredients.

Not only that it also includes ingredients that reduce unwanted Oestrogen build up, (this is one of the key reasons why men of a certain age experience reduced libido and increased belly fat).

It also reduces the effects of the stress hormone Cortisol ( AKA the testosterone killer).

Here is a picture of the ingredient label:

military muscle ingredients

Looking at the formula in a bit more depth:

Vitamin D3 – With the only real way of getting Vitamin D each day is by exposure to the sun, its little wonder that many of us, especially here in the UK are deficient in this crucial Vitamin. 

Having too little Vitamin D is actually quite harmful to our health, it can contribute to bone health problems, high blood pressure and some types of cancers. 

It is also linked to low testosterone, when vitamin D3 intake is increased through supplementation, testosterone production increases accordingly.

Vitamin K2 – Helps tyo reduce calcium deposits that reduce blood flow, its also good at strengthening bones, and is linked in clinical studies to promoting the increase in testosterone production.

Zinc – One of life’s essential minerals, and responsible for our immune system, and reproductive health including fertility. Zinc deficiency has also been linked to low testosterone.

Iron – Having low Iron can cause anaemia, this is where there isn’t enough red blood cells in your blood, which reduces the amount of oxygen being carried around your body to your organs. Anaemia is another side effect of hypogonadism ( being really low on testosterone)

Vitamin A – When taken alongside Iron it has been shown to be a powerful testosterone booster

Boron – Proven to help boost cognitive performance, it also helps to prevent Vitamin D deficiency . Clinical research has demonstrated that Boron can reduce fatigue and improve physical function, it also helps to reduce Oestrogen which can effect testosterone production.

Urtica Diocia – Nettle extract to you and I, Its a powerful energy booster and also helps to reduce the aromatase process, this is where testosterone is turned into unwanted Oestrogen.

D-Aspartic Acid  – One of the key ingredients in Military Muscle. Tried and clinically tested and it has been shown to boost testosterone levels by as much as 42% when taken over an 8-12 week period

Fenugreek – Hugely studied and clinically tested with encouraging results showing that it can help by boosting libido, orgasms, and reducing fat deposits.  It is especially effective when taken alongside Zinc.

Mucuna Pruriens – Known to help boost fertility, it has also been shown in clinical trials to boost testosterone production. Its action includes it being able to boost a compound called L-DOPA which helps to reduce prolactin, a compound that like oestrogen can reduce testosterone in the blood

Ashwagandha – Appearing in a few of the better T-boosting products these days, known for its stress reducing effects, it helps regulate testosterone production by limiting the levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone) which is so harmful to out out male of all hormones.

“The manufactures have just announced that they have take animal gelatin out of the capsules, replacing them with plantcaps® which now makes them 100% suitable for Vegans”

Directions For Taking Military Muscle

There are 30 days supply in every bottle, the daily serving is 6 capsules, simply take two with each main meal throughout the day with a glass of water. 

This is a great way of ensuring a steady supply of the key ingredients into the body throughout the day.

Any Reported Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any adverse side effects from users of Military Muscle, all ingredients are fully tested and studied proving their safety and efficiency. 

All I would add this is that if you are on any long term medication, just check with your doctor before taking this or any supplement just to make sure there are no harmful drug interactions

Where To Buy Military Muscle T-Booster In The UK

military muscle website

A bottle containing a months supply will cost you £53.45 – this includes FREE shipping. You can order direct from the official Military Muscle Website

If you buy 2 bottles you will save 10% – If you buy 3 bottles, you get a FREE bottle which means a saving of 33%

You also get the benefits of the makers 90 day cash back guarantee.

The makers also donate $1 per order to the Invictus games foundation, helping to support our injured service personnel.

Final Thoughts On Military Muscle

Military Muscle is a rare product – unlike many T-boosters that simply provide untried, untested formulas or weak ineffective mixes that do nothing other than leave its users feeling dejected and frustrated and line the pockets of the scrupulous manufacturers.

Its clever mix of 11 key ingredients offers men of all ages some amazing benefits and effects. The manufacturers have guaranteed this by ensuring that its made at a certified facility, using premium ingredients at optimum doses. 

It’s not the cheapest product out there, but it certainly holds its own with the best out there and for me, its the best formulated, most effective T-booster available here in the UK today.

For more information, and to check out the best deals go to Military Muscle official website